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Digital X-Rays in Portsmouth, NH

Digital x-rays are a common technology and a practice standard. Our dentists and hygienists use x-rays as part of our diagnostic and preventive dental program. As some parts of the teeth and supporting bone structures are not easily visible during an oral exam, dental x-rays are an essential tool. A full set of dental x-rays is recommended for every new patient. The ongoing need for further x-rays will depend on your specific dental health needs.

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Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are safe and painless and have 80-90% less radiation output than older x-ray machines. Images from digital x-rays can be viewed instantly. Our dentists and hygienists use digital images to help reveal a number of conditions before they worsen. Digital x-rays are vital in the early detection of decay, abscesses or cysts, bone loss in the jaw, root positions, cancerous tumors, developmental abnormalities in the teeth, and other problems inside the teeth or below the gum line.

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